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napa valley cabernet sauvignon crafted by odette winemaker,

Jeff Owens
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  • (1) a composition rewritten into a new form
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a plumpjack collection of wineries project
Helmed by long time PlumpJack Family member, Jeff Owens, who crafted Odette Estate’s inaugural 100-point release, Adaptation depicts the diversity and range of terroirs within the Napa Valley. Jeff still remains the only winemaker to ever achieve a perfect score in a wine’s inaugural vintage and one of the youngest on record.
Jeff Owens
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2018 Adaptation Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Adaptation Cabernet Sauvignon is
Napa Valley’s best kept secret.
Adaptation Cabernet Sauvignon is Napa Valley’s best kept secret.
Adaptation, Napa Valley by the PlumpJack Collection of Wineries has been a staple in the family of Odette Wines for over a decade, and this year, it’s getting a new look. Though the name was chosen pre-2020, the timing of Adaptation’s latest debut feels especially poignant after a year where we learned to adapt in ways few of us would have thought possible. This distinctive Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex, yet approachable wine that hails from some of the most renowned and historic vineyards across the Napa Valley.
From the mountainous terrain of Howell Mountain, to the valley floor in Oak Knoll, the Stags Leap District, and Carneros; these various sites have allowed us to craft a wine that showcases the unique terroir and the broader expression of this special place.Born as a result of decades long friendships with farms from a few of the best sites in the Napa Valley; these relationships have allowed us the accessibility to create a wine that reflects the best of the Napa Valley. Adaptation Cabernet Sauvignon is a bottled example of PlumpJack’s agility in adapting to the wine industry’s current precipitous moment and may be Napa Valley’s best kept secret.
Whether you’re taking it along on a camping adventure and enjoying it with your cast-iron steak over an open flame or pairing it with your Michelin-starred meal, this is a wine that relates to both the everyday and discerning wine drinker.
a plumpjack collection of wineries project